Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fee on deposits ?
All deposits are commission free.

My withdrawal confirmation link is not valid. What i should do ?
Please go to Transactions section in your account. You have button ‘Resend withdrawal confirmation email’. After you click that button, we will send you new confirmation email for your withdrawal with confirmation link inside.

Can i make deposit directly from P2P pool ?
No. Definitely No. We dont accept deposits from P2P pools directly. If you deposit from P2P pool, that deposit will not be accounted in your balance.

Is there an email confirmations before each Withdrawal?
Yes, there is. This is a security measure, which prevents hackers from withdrawing your funds. In this case you are able to immediately lock your account right from your email box.

What is your trade fee ?
Our trading fees are different for each market. You can find our trading fees at Fees page

What is your transfer fee ?
The fee listed when you withdraw funds is the “Withdrawal fee” field. You have also “You will recieve” field, which is the NET sum which you will recieve. You can find Withdrawal fees also in Fees page

What should i do if i find a bug ?
Please report it as soon as possible at [email protected] or via skype exarena.net. Bug will be fixed right after we receive your report.

How can i add my coin to your exchange ?
Send us an email and we will decide if your coin is good enough for our exchange or not. If we decide to add your coin, you will be notified

Are you going to steal my coins ?
No. We are miners, not thieves. We are also victims of other exchanges. We have already heard excuses such as: locked accounts, unable to withdrawal funds, announcements for an exchange, which has been hacked and etc. That is the reason why we have finally decided to start this project – we need at least one stable exchange.

Can i donate to https://exarena.net ?
No we don’t take donations, for that purpose there are fees. If you just use our exchange, it will be enough. Anyway, if you want to help us, you can follow our twitter page